We have been fortunate enough to have Marina Kugler coach and train our daughter for over three years. In that time we have seen tremendous growth in her technical skills and understanding of the game. Marina is infinitely patient and instills a work ethic in her girls like nothing we have ever seen. Marina allows them to discern that whatever you put into the training is what you will get out of it. Hard work equals success. We feel blessed to have her train Gracie!

 - Richard and Kathy Spurling 

My son, Will, has worked with Marina Kugler since 2010. She has made an enormous 

impact on his skill level and his love of the game. He has  greatly improved in the areas of first touch, speed on the ball, dribbling, weak foot shooting, and the mental aspects of the game ,due to her coaching. She is a hard worker, and instills that same work ethic in her players.  We have been very fortunate to have someone of her skill and coaching abilities to work alongside these past few years. She has been a great coach, as well as a wonderful person, to be around. She has impacted Will both on and off the field. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and person to help my son elevate his game !

- Amy Boyanton

Sydney has only worked with Marina a few times during Academy nights and the Fall Rio40 foot skills.  Each time she has walked away with more desire and knowledge of the game.  I watch her use the skills she learns with Rio40 during her games which makes me a proud soccer parent.  Looking forward to more sessions.

- Keith Locke

What an awesome experience for my son Joshua and nephew Morgan to experience with Coach Marina! I had two objectives when I signed them up, for them to gain the fundamentals and have fun. With Marina, you get both. She is very patient, positive, reinforcing, and motivating while teaching them their skill set. I look forward to signing the boys up in the spring for her next camp. I would highly recommend her to coach any kid who has a desire to learn the game of soccer. 

- Lynn McGill

What an awesome experience for my son Joshua and nephew Morgan to experience with Coach Marina! I had two objectives when I signed them up, for them to gain the fundamentals and have fun. With Marina, you get both. She is very patient, positive, reinforcing, and motivating while teaching them their skill set. I look forward to signing the boys up in the spring for her next camp. I would highly recommend her to coach any kid who has a desire to learn the game of soccer. 

- Lynn McGill

Alexandra enjoyed and learned a lot from the foot skills instruction.  Using positive reinforcement,  Marina coaches technique with real game applications. Training is done in a noncompetitive environment allowing the players the confidence to use their skills. 

- Bob Magill

We very much enjoyed our experience with Marina/ Rio. My son, Ethan Lane, gained a lot of foot skills that will help him in his soccer game. I absolutely recommend this program for every soccer program. I would love to see Rio 40 program on Signal Mountain. Thanks for doing a wonderful job⚽️

- Sherie Lane

We went to RIO 40 so our son could have some additional foot skill training.  Marina was very knowledgeable and hands on during training sessions.  The result has been better coordination, agility and footwork during practices and games.  We had a great experience and would highly recommend Rio 40.  

- Angela Kopet

My girls only worked with Marina a few times, however, she has a great love for the game, and passes that onto the players she works with. She is a great coach, and was able to make an  impacted in the short time she worked with them. She was not only able to help them with their skills, but showed real interest in them as players, which really makes a difference in how kids interact and play the game.  She would be a wonderful asset to anyone looking to improve their soccer skills.

- Alissa Isanhart

My son has trained one on one with Marina, and he will tell you that it's one of the toughest training sessions that he's ever experienced. Now, he means that in a good way and is always asking to train with Marina. He feels that she works hard to improve his technical and foot skills, and he would tell you that she's his favorite trainer when it comes to soccer. As a parent, we love Marina because she is easy to work with, she's very encouraging with our son and he comes away with a better understanding of what he needs to do to perfect his game!!! 

- Rachel Bruner

From the very start we were impressed with the Rio 40 philosophy on teaching soccer skills stated on their website. Our first footskills training session with Marina sealed that impression. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and as time went on truly showed that she cared about Isabella's success not only with her footskills but as a soccer player. She made suggestions, answered all our questions and maintained a personal dialogue with Isabella regarding her concerns and questions. With the first lesson Isabella showed improvement and after doing the drills (homework) that Marina gave her and continued sessions she just continued to grow more confident as a soccer player. We are so grateful we found Rio 40 and think the world of Marina and this type of skills coaching.

- The Kimball family 

Thank you so much for teaching Ryann great footskills, that she felt confident enough to use in game situations. She had one of her best season yet and was excited to have All County recognition. We can't wait to get started again.

- Quin Edgemon

We moved here from England in 2017 and coming from big academies such as Aston Villa and Man City we didn’t count on the extra training being as competitive and constructive as we have been used to for Brooke but then we met Marina.  We signed up to 10 foot skill and 7 futsal sessions through out the winter off season. I was absolutely delighted with her coaching skills and techniques she had taught Brooke. Marina's approach on footwork is amazing, let alone her patients and persistence in getting Brooke's techniques correct was the key. Since training with Marina, Brooke has become a more confident player especially in her one v ones; enjoys trying different moves on the pitch and over all has improved immensely. Man City? Who are they? Thanks Marina for your guidance, you are a star! 

- Mark Arni

Marina is a great coach! She has been very patient and helpful. Our daughter commented that she learned a lot from Marina, and enjoyed the practice sessions. We highly recommend her!

- Becky and Berry Cooke 

Marina has helped my son, Jensen, improve immensely.  She has taught him to shoot with his laces, chip and volley the ball, as well as practice unique dribbling drills.  She understands the players weaknesses and works with them to improve their skills.  My son is a very technical player and he has had at least four other technical coaches, however, Marina has exceeded them all because she teaches with great attention to detail.  She knows how to handle the ball from striking, dribbling and shooting.  Not only is she an expert at technical skills, but she has a wonderful disposition.  Marina is always cheerful and supportive both to the player and the parents.  I intend to continue my son's training with her.  She's helped our son improve tremendously.  

- Beverly Harbaugh

We loved our sessions with you! Ally has benefited greatly from the time we spent together this summer! We are looking forward to watching her work with her new skills this season. Thank you so much for your dedication to making her be a better soccer player! 

- Jennifer Carlton

Our daughter has trained with Marina this past year, including Futsal and 3 v 3 training. She says that Marina is great at explaining things to the kids, and feels like her foot skills have improved! Most importantly, she said she had fun! 

- The Innes Family

Our daughter Alison loves to train with Marina and the training has resulted in specific improvements in each of the areas they have focused; and, the interactions with Marina have also increased her love for the “beautiful game”.  She has done 3v3 and various other training sessions with Marina.  The training sessions are fast pace and realistic, so they easily translate to game-time scenarios.  We have seen specific game-time improvements in each area (foot-skills, striking, attacking, etc….) that Marina has focused.  Overall, we cannot say enough good things about Rio40 and Marina.

-The Noland Family

My boys did personal training weekly with Marina over winter break and also attended her indoor futsal sessions once a week. They really enjoyed the training sessions and got a lot out of them. They even learned some skills that they had never seen before and they have been playing since they were 4! They thought it was perfect too that they could show what they learned during the indoor futsal games.  I appreciate that she was able to commit to a weekly training day and time that we could count on.  She was usually able to move us indoors if it was too wet or cold outside, rather than having to cancel. We will definitely be in contact for more training sessions in the future!

- Eden Parker

Training with Marina was a great experience. She was intentional with each training session, engaging my boys in purposeful exercises to motivate them and develop their skills. She was perceptive about what they each needed to work on and was able to design each session to give them an achievable challenge. They were worn out at the end, but eager for the next session.

Jakob says, "The training is intense, but in the end you feel like you've accomplished something."

Seth says, "Each session was different, so I was learning new things each time."

Thank you!

- Christy Hendrickson

Both my girls play for Marina at Heritage High School.  Now they train with her at Rio 40, and that has been the best soccer decision we’ve made.

Their growth in level of play and confidence has been very noticeable.  I know Addison and Bailey are enjoying it when I see them practicing the things at home that

Marina is teaching them.  The program is about playing to the best of your ability, increasing your ability, and having fun while doing it.

- Adam Needham

Our daughter, Hannah, has really enjoyed her private lessons with Coach Marina. The lessons were always fun and helped Hannah improve on her ball control and foot skills. Hannah always looked forward to her lesson and couldn’t wait to see what Coach Marina had planned. Coach Marina pays close attention to details and was very patient, when Hannah needed extra help. We definitely recommend Coach Marina for any players who want a fun and learning environment to improve on their soccer skills. Hannah looks forward to learning from Coach Marina in the future to help her improve her game even more.

-Megan Helms

Our daughter, Emilie, fell in love with goal keeper last year and her Coach told her she needed more individual training. We were doing summer camp with Coach Marina and she said she did private goal keeper lessons. Emilie was so excited for her lessons each week and her confidence and skills have grown tremendously under the guidance of Coach Marina. Coach Marina truly made a difference in how our daughter sees herself as a player. We would HIGHLY recommend Coach Marina and Rio 40 to anyone. We look forward to Emilie working with her in the future! 
-Mandie Burris

Alexander worked with Coach Marina during the spring and summer, both individually and as part of the Rio 40 Summer Soccer Skills sessions.  Marina challenged him in every session and made sure he understood what he needed to do to be successful.  The difference in both his technique and his decision-making under pressure is remarkable.  To see this result and know he enjoyed the training, what more can a parent ask for!  He is already talking about working with Coach Marina again in the spring!  Thanks, Marina!  You are awesome!

-Sheri Bedwell

Carlo loves the winter futsal practices. He just completed his second year and we hope Marina continues to offer these sessions.  Marina is a great coach.
-Lana Carriglitto

Marina is a great coach!  She provides good foot skills training, and enhances soccer skills for players at all levels.  The players seem to love her sessions!

-Becky Cooke

Luke absolutely loved his second winter of Futsal with Rio 40! He even said his coaches recognized an improvement in his speed and skills! Thank you for providing such a unique and organic style of training for these athletes! Your approach has provided opportunities for growth that haven’t always been typical in our other soccer training experiences. We will be looking forward to future opportunities with Rio 40!

-Dena Talley

The Summer Soccer Skills 3v3 training has been exceptional, just as every training we have had by Marina. My 13 year old boys benefited greatly from the technical work and intensity that kept them active and engaged through the summer months. We’d do it again! 
-Christy Hendrickson

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