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Lessons & Training

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2 & 5 year old Soccer Lessons

Designed to teach the beautiful game of soccer to children 2-5 years old. This program is held during the morning at D1. Our goal is to help kids learn basic soccer skills, as well as develop cooperation amongst their peers and listening skills. Its a great extra curricular activity for the little ones!

Rio 40


Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA. It is a 5 v 5 small-sided game played on a hard surfaced, basketball sized court with a smaller, heavier low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls. This is the game that outdoor soccer players around the globe play to refine and maintain their control skills and touch. It is superior to walled soccer in terms of developing better skills and technique. In traditional American walled soccer, players regularly whack the ball (and sometimes their bodies) against the boards which promotes improper technique and too often rewards errant play. In futsal, players are constantly reminded to play the same quality control game that is required for success in the outdoor game. It is played in all the continents of the world by over 100 countries with 12 million players. The sport is a great skill developer as it demands quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin-point passing. The small, heavier futsal ball requires players to hone their ball-striking and ball handling technique. Great soccer superstars such as Pele, Zico, Ronaldo, Messi, Kaka and Martha grew up playing the game and credit futsal with developing their skills.

3v3 and 5v5 training
During the summer months, Rio 40 has a training program for boys and girls of any age who want to step up their small-sided game skills. We will also take teams to tournaments and friendlies if desired.
Rio 40
Private / Group lessons

All year program for boys and girls, 1 hour in length. The purpose of this program is to assist players in perfecting their game. Rio 40 will target players' weaknesses and improve upon them until skill mastery is achieved. Do you want to take your game to another level? Do you have tryouts and/or college pre-season coming up? This is the right choice for you!

After School Programs

All year program for boys and girls. Rio 40 comes to schools, day cares and churches. These engaging and high energy sessions run from 30 min to 1 hour depending on age. Our focus is to teach the fundamentals of soccer and provide a fun and safe environment for our players to excel! 

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