Rio 40 Chattanooga soccer foot skills training.

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, engaging and creative environment for kids and young adults to excel in learning about the game of futebol! Our activities nurture physicality and shape emotional intelligence. Our goal is to serve as an inspiration, confidence builder and motivation for lifelong gain. We want our players to use the skills taught at Rio 40 and apply them to their soccer career anywhere that they go!

Rio 40’s philosophy is to teach life skills and lessons by using the beautiful game of soccer. 

We want to show our kids the importance of having an active lifestyle in hopes that they would create good habits going into their future lives. Rio 40 is engaging and most importantly FUN! Kids love our curriculum and enjoy our activities! Our goal is to instill creativity for our kids to have proper decision making as well as collaboration with teammates and adults in a group setting. Our activities help kids gain more confidence. We provide high energy games along with knowledgeable coaches to help kids stay engaged. 

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Rio 40 CH

Heather Faasse coach